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The 7 Best Mobile SEO Practices – Checklist for Mobile SEO

The Best Mobile SEO Practices are the mandatory action that one should follow in this decade. The SEO for mobile devices should be well practiced to drive huge traffic to the website. Most of the people use their smartphone for surfing and browsing the internet.

Due to the SEO advancement in the recent days, you should optimize your website and blog for mobile phones. The Mobile SEO Tips and Checklist will be showcased in this blog post.

The 7 Best Mobile SEO Practices – Checklist for Mobile SEO

There are several important factors exist and you must understand them before optimizing the mobile site for SEO. Digital Marketing Company in various region practices SEO for Mobile Phones very effectively.

Some of the basic and best Mobile SEO Practice will be provided via this Mobile SEO Guide. The Mobile SEO Techniques that I’ve showcased in this article could definitely help you optimize your website for the mobile browsers flawlessly.

Why should you Optimize your Website for Mobile?

The following important factors could directly influence the Mobile SEO would be listed below.

Drive Mobile Traffic – As the smartphones ruin the people’s life, it could help you drive huge traffic via mobile browsers. Most of the people use their smartphones to access their favorite website and also search for queries on the go. This would be the primary reason for optimizing your mobile app SEO.

Viral Marketing – You could do the viral marketing as the people love to share the content on mobile. Social Media also plays a major role in making your content go viral in very quick time.

Branding – You should do branding perfectly to survive the competition. Higher the exposure, higher the conversion would be.

Ranking Factors – The mobile responsiveness is considered as one of the ranking factors in many Search Engine Platform’s Algorithm. This forces many people take care of Mobile SEO.

Mobile Advertising Revenue – The mobile traffic seems to bring the website owner earn huge cash via injecting mobile advertisements. These pay the source producers a small buck.

7 Best Mobile SEO Techniques

The below 7 Mobile SEO Tactics could help you grow your mobile friendly website to the top position. There exist many tricks and strategies for boosting your website via mobile SEO strategy.

1. Mobile Responsive Design.
2. CSS and HTML Optimization.
3. Faster Mobile Pages.
4. Easy Navigations and CTA.
5. AMP Integration.
6. Structure your Content.
7. Social Signals.

The above listed 7 Mobile SEO Google based tactics will be elaborated in this section. Take necessary steps for optimizing your website in a healthy manner.

1. Mobile Responsive Design

The mobile responsive design is a major factor for your Mobile SEO activity. The responsive website is different from the traditional static website.

  • A static website is the one which wouldn’t render the content and the website properly across multiple devices due to the restriction made by the web developer. It fits only on the Personal Computer screen. It looks awful while viewing it on your mobile devices or on the tablet smart devices.
  • A responsive website is the one that renders well and optimizes the web design to the multiple web browsers across various different devices. This would adopt the whole website to the current device screen resolution without any hassle.

So, you should make your website more responsive and flexible for multiple devices around the globe. There are plenty of responsive templates and themes available over internet marketplace.

You should go with the responsive templates for your upcoming and the existing website to make it more appealing for the readers globally.

The mobile friendly websites are most often ranked well over the internet as the people love to surf the pretty awesome responsive website over their mobile devices.

2. CSS and HTML optimization

The CSS and HTML optimization will definitely make your website more responsive and loads faster than before. I recommend you do the optimization very carefully or hire any freelancer to make your website a superior one.

  • On those days the Flash technology was used as one of the visual content delivery options. This made the website load slower than the usual.
  • So, the webmasters start blocking these resources when viewing them on the mobile or low-end resolution devices.
  • Blocking the important resources and the visuals on the mobile would create a bad impact on SEO and it may hurt you. The flash and other traditional items were replaced by the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3.

So, start experimenting the things with the help of HTML codings and make your website healthier and lighter. These could improve your mobile SEO activity to the core.

3. Faster Mobile Pages

The faster loading websites have a great advantage in getting the spot on the first page of SERP – Search Engine Results Page. The fast loading pages are considered as one of the advanced ranking factors bundle with the algorithm.

The faster mobile pages are loved by the people and it makes them surf and sticks with your website. If your website looks tidy and loads very slow, then the people would abandon surfing your website. This makes you lose the potential visitors and revenue as well.

Some of the benefits of having fast loading websites are listed below.

  • Makes you gain more traffic through mobile devices and ultimately increases ranking for your site.
  • It gains you more revenue through mobile visitors for sure.
  • The bounce rate is reduced as the faster loading page keeps your visitors stick with the site.
  • The brand exposure is enriched to the maximum level due to the presence of your site on various devices.

So, you should make your website load faster by compressing the images and highly sized visual contents. There are several plugins and add-ons available to make your website loads faster on the mobile browser.

The proper mobile page optimization could be practiced with the help of online guides and tutorials. You could also seek the freelancer to craft your website optimized for the mobile users instantly.

4. Easy Navigations and CTA

The Navigation Menu shouldn’t confuse the readers online. It is also considered as one of the mobile SEO Factors. The proper navigation and linking of your web contents make the website adapt the mobile SEO without any doubt.
The Navigation menu with the proper categorized section would make your visitors and followers surf the website happily.

  • The Mobile Custom Sitemap could be also submitted with your webmaster tools. It could tailor your navigation and sections, especially for the mobile users.
  • The Search Engine robots could easily cache your web contents for mobile users. This increases the possibility of reaching the 1st page of the SERP on mobile devices.
  • It also compiles the categories in a perfect structural form (Schema) on the Search Engine Result Page section.
  • The mobile devices with low resolution could make your navigation menu an odd one. So, you should check the appearance of your menu & category buttons and their responsiveness before making your website live.

The proper Navigation and easy UI could definitely make your website boom in very quick time. This is the most underrated Mobile SEO strategy and you should know the value of this perhaps.

5. AMP Integration

The AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page and it is the most important Mobile SEO Strategy. I could recommend you enable AMP on your website. It is the mind-blowing feature that most of the Search Engine Platform considered due to the evolution of mobile devices.

  • The AMP integration could be done with the help of Plugins and Add-ons. You could also check your site performance based on AMP using Webmaster Tool online. It could extend your mind on optimizing your website for mobile devices.
  • The Accelerated Mobile Page is the one that is most often ranked better than the usual web content that lacks the AMP module. This is because of the web page pre-loading technique on the search engine.
  • Keep your website optimized for the mobile with the AMP integration and make your website rank higher eventually.

The AMP has some of the limitations such as an error in loading the advertisement content and other heavy visuals. You could extend your research on AMP and implement the right things that suit for your website.

6. Structure your Content

Mobile users have the tendency to skip any larger content and the content that doesn’t have any good format. You should take this as one of the major Mobile SEO tips. The content that has a quite good structural format such as bullets, numberings, and paraphrase performs well on the mobile devices.

  • The content should be readable and also have some attention towards the readers.
  • Most of the people never spend more time reading the content or website that has infinite scrolling option.
  • Make your website flourish with the crisp points and no more lengthy useless contents.
  • Give some proper images in between the article to make some cocktail appearance to the visitors.
  • I recommend you bold and italicize the sentences that matter you the most.

Structuring your content helps your content gain better readability. It will never make your visitors feel bored.

7. Social Signals

Due to over crowd inside the Social Media Platform, the people madly spend their time surfing and engaging with their friends online. The Social Sharing enrich your web content with a better boost and ultimately leads to mobile SEO.

  • The social signal is very much important for ranking your website and also gain viral traffic for your website.
    As Social Sharing is associated with the Social Media, your website will be automatically optimized for the Mobile SEO.
  • To make your website Social Friendly, you should allow the users to share your web content. It could be done by installing some Social Sharing plugins on your website.
  • The Social Sharing icons may fill the mobile browser and you should test them before making it live for the Mobile Users.
  • I recommend you do proper social signals to make your website for Mobile SEO Techniques.

Best Mobile SEO Checklist – 9 Modules

  • Buy a Good Web Hosting
  • Code or Install Responsive Themes & Templates
  • Integrate your Website with AMP
  • Sign Up for Webmaster Tools and Link your Site
  • Upload Mobile XML Sitemap
  • Web Page Speed Test
  • Inject Analytics Code to view Mobile Users’ Action
  • Use Emulators to Check Site Responsiveness
  • Beta Testing

I could explain the above 9 modules along with some Mobile SEO Tips in this section.

1. Buy a Good Web Hosting – I suggest you research heavily to grab the best Web Hosting server for your website. Sometimes a slow server may interrupt your website performance. It could create a negative Mobile SEO for sure. Choose the best hosting provider that assures good uptime.

2. Code or Install Responsive Themes & Templates – You are strongly recommended to install the lightweight themes for your website. Install a better responsive theme that is visible on any device platforms without any flaws.

3. Integrate your Website with AMP – Don’t forget to integrate and enable AMP on your website. It really works well.

4. Sign Up for Webmaster Tools and Link your Site – Create an account on any online webmaster tools and link your website for tracking the performance and also the issues instantly.

5. Upload Mobile XML Sitemap – The tailored Mobile XML Sitemap could be uploaded to boost your mobile SEO strategy.

6. Web Page Speed – Check the Speed of your Website online after implementing the above things and analyze them.

7. Inject Analytics Code to view Mobile Users’ Action – You’re most recommended to integrate your website with any Online Analytic Tool for wide research about your Mobile Audience rapidly.

8. Use Emulators to Check Site Responsiveness – There exist several online emulators that show your website performance lively on multiple devices virtually. You’ll never require any physical product to check the mobile responsiveness anymore.

9. Beta Testing – This is the final step that you should do to complete your Mobile SEO Practice. Here you should check the flaws by making your website available for the beta testers. Gather the issue log and debug them to boost your mobile optimization.


Finally, I’ve covered all the essential fundamentals of the Best Mobile SEO Practices in this article. I recommend you follow all the actions that are suggested in this Mobile SEO Guide. The techniques that are explained here works well for my Mobile website.

The Mobile SEO Checklist that I’ve provided could ultimately adapt your website for Mobile SEO. Don’t ignore Mobile SEO

If you’ve any queries and have any suggestions, feel free to comment under the comment section.