WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Super Cache – Solid Reasons

The blogging becomes a passion for billions of people in these days. Many new blogs and new initiatives are started by the people in the blogosphere. This makes the network fantastic and helps billions of people in a perfect manner. The one should concentrate more on the blog speed to survive the competition in the blogging race. To make the Blog loads faster and safer, I recommend you install any Cache Plugin. Here, I would compare and expose the features of the WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Super Cache in this blog post.

What is a Caching Plugin in WordPress?

The Caching Plugin is the add-on that helps the WordPress Blogs attain a good loading speed and performance. The blog would load faster by eliminating the dynamic loading of the pages on every request. The pages are cached in such a way that the page appears faster where the blogs’ data are stored temporarily.

This W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache would eliminate the burden in choosing your Cache Plugin for the WordPress blog. The best WordPress Cache Plugin recommendation is guaranteed for the readers. There exists thousands of caching plugin for WordPress and only a few plugins are at the top position.

Reasons why people choose cache plugin for their blog.

The speed of the Blog – The speed of the blog is improved after modifying the WordPress blog configuration with the Cache Plugin as it does every tweak for enhancement. The speed of the blog is a major criterion in gaining success. If the blog content loads too late, then the visitors would leave the blog without any notification. To be a successful blogger, one should concentrate more on the speed and responsiveness of the blog. This could be improved with the installation of best cache plugin for WordPress.

Responsive – If the blog design and UI look complex, then the visitors would never return back to your blog. This is because the people love simplicity and responsiveness to the core. Thus, the responsiveness and speed of loading could be obtained by using some WordPress Cache Plugin. (Website Design Training Courses In Coimbatore)

Reduces Bandwidth – The Bandwidth could be saved to the maximum level that may help your blog consume only a less Data Bandwidth. This will directly alter the Hosting Package Cost. When a person tries to repeatedly visit a page on your blog then the request would be sent to the server that makes your blog consume huge data upon several requests. This could be eliminated by providing the CDN – Content Delivery Network module inside the WordPress. CDN helps you save bandwidth by holding your blog’s content from various part of the world and delivers it to the blog readers statically. This would reduce the server to expose the blog content dynamically. The CDN works well if it is clubbed with the best cache plugin for WordPress.

Optimize your Blog – The whole blog could be optimized to the people those who land on your blog. This would make a good impact where the readers could get the best responsive optimal experience indeed. Thus, the optimization could be perfectly handled if the WordPress blog has an active Cache Plugin.

SEO & Ranking – The Speed of the blog & Mobile Responsiveness are seen as the important Search Engine Ranking factor. The Cache Plugin could help the blog reach a good position and makes the blog perfect indeed.

The Features and Comparison of WP Total Cache Plugin & WP Super Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache Plugin vs WP Super Cache Plugin

The W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin is the most widely used and found as one of the top Cache WordPress Plugin. It is an Opensource WordPress Plugin that reduces the CPU usage and Bandwidth Consumption of your Blog Hosting quota to the maximum level. The WP Super Cache is a best W3 Total Cache Alternative which is free to use that does the same as W3 TC but it has only limited settings for configuring.

There are numerous settings and tweaks are available for the expert level WordPress technicians in W3 TC. It has nearly 16 Pages of settings. W3 Total Cache Configuration is a little complex but it is worth customizing the best W3 Total Cache Settings for real output. This plugin optimizes the CSS, Javascript, and HTML pages for a faster rendering of the content to the visitors. The optimization with the WP Super Cache Plugin is damn easy and the users need to just install and activate the plugin. The rest of the things are handled by the plugin which is a good choice for the beginners.

The clubbing of CDN – Content Delivery Network will make the W3 Total Cache Plugin work magically for sure. It is recommended to use CDN such as MaxCDN for optimal performance. The WP Super Cache doesn’t require any external CDN module as the plugin is pre-installed with the CDN module.

It is believed and proved that the W3 Total Cache Plugin could increase the SERP -Search Engine Ranking Position and also assures the users with its Mobile SEO Friendly output (AMP Support). The WP Super Cache CDN part plays a crucial role in SERP goal. On the other end, the WP Super Cache Best Settings could be configured with the provided three modes of caching such as mod_rewrite, PHP and Legacy.

W3 TC compresses and optimizes the content with the help of GZIP which could perform better with the CloudFlare part as well. The W3 Total Cache Setup Guide would eliminate all your queries with the valid solution as well. The W3 Total Cache settings for shared hosting and all other W3 Total Cache Documentations are available in the official section of W3 TC. The WP Super Cache Nginx proxy server does the best part and the WP Super Cache Cloudflare module skyrockets the blog in no time.

One should not worry about the WP Super Cache CDN Setup as the plugin comes with the CDN integration by default. But one should take of external CDN setup when the W3 Total Cache Plugin for the WordPress platform for obtaining the true effect of the plugin.

The WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache comes for free for the users to accumulate the whole benefit. The w3 TC has improved advanced plugin type named W3 Total Cache Pro Plugin and it costs a bit.

The setting configuration in W3 TC is a tedious process and one may feel confused with its advanced navigation options whereas the WP SC comes with minimal settings. The WP SC looks good for the beginners and those who doesn’t love the technical part of configuring. One could also Export all the settings from the WP SC plugin for configuring the same on the multiple sites without any hassle.

The support and customer support for both of the Caching Plugin looks somewhat acceptable. The WP Super Cache is far superior in providing quality support for the people those who need the help. However, there exists tons of support documentation and tutorials available for the users.

WP Super Cache Plugin DownloadW3 Total Cache Plugin Download

Wrapping Up

Finally, the comparison between the WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache Plugin was successfully narrated in this blog post. Also, the features and the benefits are mentioned in this blog post that helps the people get the information related to the WordPress Caching Plugin.

The both Plugins are very sensible and powerful for caching the whole blog without any complex configuration. You could check several best cache plugin for WordPress and hold the great plugin that really works best for you. I could recommend people try W3 Total cache along with any CDN module for a great output. If you feel lazy and doesn’t want to mess up with the settings you can go with the WP Super Cache without any doubts.

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